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Face to face meetings are where sales happen. With our appointment setting services, you can get your field sales team off the phone and into the meeting room.

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There are a variety of tasks which underpin a successful sale: prospecting, cold calling, appointment setting. These office-based tasks all need to be done but having your field sales people in the office or working from home takes them out of the environment where they can actually make money.

No one likes to see their top salesperson in the office making calls when they should be meeting prospects and making sales. Also, appointment setting is a very specific skill in itself, distinct and different from face-to-face sales. That member of your sales team who doesn’t bill as much as the rest might be a highly accomplished face-to-face seller but if they’re a terrible appointment setter you’ll never know. At Network Scientific our specialised appointment setters can keep your sales team on the road and ensure that their time is being used effectively and efficiently. We’ll also enable your sales team to do what they do best – make sales.

We’ll identify prospects, contact them to assess their level of interest (and other factors such as budget, authority and timescale), screen them against agreed criteria and then book an appointment for one of your field sales team to meet them. We will feed qualified appointments into your sales pipeline, clustered geographically so that your people spend more time selling and less time driving. We can set appointments for multiple sales people, balancing the workload across your entire field sales team. We only set appointments with relevant decision makers and significant influencers so the days of your sales team drinking tea and talking about the weather are over. We’ll also manage the appointment, making all necessary call-backs to capture additional information and confirm availability so that all your sales person has to do is concentrate on selling.

Typical deliverables of a Network Scientific appointment setting campaign include:

  • Geographically clustered qualified appointments with decision makers and significant influencers
  • Longer term leads to feed into your sales pipeline
  • A cleansed prospect database
  • Requests for quotes

It’s impossible to predict outcomes in an ever changing marketplace so we never promise results to our clients. However, it’s worth knowing that typically we generate between 2 and 3 qualified appointments per day of calling. Given that a single meeting can be the starting point of a business relationship that lasts for years and potentially generates hundreds of thousands of pounds in sales it’s easy to see the value that we can deliver to your business.

Our scientific and technical understanding coupled with our appointment setting expertise means that we can we identify the prospects you need to be talking to and are also uniquely equipped to represent your company with both the professionalism and technical ability that you would expect from your own team. We all have a background in sales so we know what makes a good appointment and what should be left alone.

Contact us to find out more about the benefits that a Network Scientific appointment setting campaign can deliver.

Solving Problems

When selling a product or service try to emphasise the benefits that it will bring to your prospect. A list of features is likely to mean relatively little to them, but if you can tell them how you can solve their problems they’re far more likely to engage.

What Our Clients Say

“Network Scientific have been providing Sales & Marketing support to us for around 2 years. They are a great company to work with because they not only understand our technology but also understand our financial needs. They have helped us develop commercial opportunities arising from exhibitions and mail shots. They were very quick to understand our highly technical portfolio of products and services. As a result I have complete confidence that when our company is being represented by Network Scientific, our scientific credibility is enhanced and our integrity respected. I have no hesitation in recommending their services.”


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