Social Media Management

Social media marketing allows you to engage with existing customers and reach new ones through relevant social platforms to build brand presence, promote products and culture.


What is social media marketing?


You can achieve a variety of different business goals through effective scientific social media management.

Increase brand awareness, product visibility, user engagement, website traffic, reach and more.

We understand the time it takes to create a detailed social media strategy, organise a functioning schedule, report on the analytics, engage with users and most importantly, source the right content to scream and shout about. That’s why we do it for you!


Choosing to utilise social platforms


Before entering the realm of social media and everything it has to offer your business, there are 5 fundamentals to follow to effectively utilise this marketing channel.

Choose the right platforms

Ensure you have a vast amount of content ideas to keep your posts different and develop your pages

Make time to engage with those that have found your business on social

Track and report regularly to keep an ever-growing strategy that you can continue to build

Decide whether you need a budget or would like to grow organically
But the above is exactly what we’re here for. Our scientific expertise and consultancy nature means we can offer advice on the best platforms for you to reach your audience. Here’s just some of the ways we can help you with your social media strategy:

Social media auditing &

social media auditing services for the science sector

strategy creation

Digital design &

digital designs for scientific marketing

template supply

Content calendar

curating content for the science and technical market

schedule to follow

End to end scientific

outsourced social media management for science sector

social media management

network scientific marketing strategy creation meeting

Ongoing social media management


Our marketing experts can communicate key takeaways from your social reports and continuously optimise post times, content types and URL tracking to understand your social audience’s behaviour.

Whether you want us to execute and manage your entire social media activity, devise a bespoke strategy for your business to follow, or arrange a content calendar to be delivered to you on a monthly basis. The possibilities are endless in terms of how we can help.

We can design your social media assets, giving you the rights to templates that can be amended with new content, or we can ramp up your brand visibility with designs purposed specifically for your social pages. Check out our digital design services.

Let us take a look at what you’re doing so far and advise on the best way forward!

Already posting on social but not seeing the results you hoped for?

We know it’s an overwhelming channel, especially for scientific industries, so get in touch with us for an initial discussion.

Incorporate key data & metrics

Make sure that you assess any metrics that are relevant to helping you understand your target audience and how to cater for them in order to raise brand awareness and convert interest.

What Our Clients Say

“Network Scientific work hard to understand our customers and our business which is extremely important when working in a technical industry. In addition they are flexible, dedicated and passionate about what they do which makes them a fantastic partner. Our first few leads have been high quality and high value and I have every confidence this will continue. If you are looking for lead generation in a technical field I would highly recommend them.”


“Network Scientific are a great team and provide a really useful lead generation service. All of the leads obtained were sound and remembered their interaction, demonstrating Network Scientific’s effective cold calling approach.”


“Network Scientific have been providing Sales & Marketing support to us for around 2 years. They are a great company to work with because they not only understand our technology but also understand our financial needs. They have helped us develop commercial opportunities arising from exhibitions and mail shots. They were very quick to understand our highly technical portfolio of products and services. As a result I have complete confidence that when our company is being represented by Network Scientific, our scientific credibility is enhanced and our integrity respected. I have no hesitation in recommending their services.”


“Network Scientific have supported us for a number of years with our Sales and Marketing. They work with us closely and understand our business and customer base. They are like an extension to our business rather than a separate company and they have the expertise to guide and advise us. I would highly recommend them to other businesses.”


“Network Scientific have recently completed some lead gen work for us – they are friendly and approachable and have a very professional approach to their work. They have generated some very promising leads for us and we will be using them again. Highly recommended.”


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