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Email marketing is a channel that utilises emails to contact current or prospective customers with a specific campaign goal in mind; they’re typically one of four types: Newsletters, acquisition emails, retention emails and promotional emails.

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Email marketing is still the most popular marketing channel currently used by businesses; this is because it typically has the biggest return on investment.


Ongoing email marketing management


Originally entering the market as an alternative to direct mail, which would typically include mass printing, high production costs and little to no intuition of key target markets, email marketing can achieve exactly the opposite.

In a B2B sector, a marketing email can retain your current customers, inform new ones, and nurture those already in your pipeline, all at a fraction of the cost of direct mail.

With unique tracking codes, strategized activity and a variation of mail types, email is a digital channel that helps you uncover market intel you can’t find anywhere else. From what kind of information users like to receive, to when they’re most likely to open and interact. Broadening the understanding of your target audience is made simpler with regular email marketing, not to mention the leads that can be generated.

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Strategic marketing emails and lead generation


Marketing emails can be used solely as one channel as part of your wider marketing strategy, but they can also be partnered with your sales efforts in order to funnel in new prospects, build ongoing relationships and cross-sell/upsell.

We’re passionate about communication continuing after the phone has been put down, that means incorporating follow up emails, monthly newsletters, new product releases and more.

Implementing digital emails into your lead generation accounts for those who aren’t quite ready for a sales call but are interested in your business, products, or services. Continuing to build communication means increasing the chances of sending the right message, at the right time, to the right person to convert a sales lead.

Our team of highly trained, commercial and scientific sales consultants can incorporate your email marketing metrics into their telemarketing. Check out our lead generation service for further insight!

Looking to incorporate email into your wider marketing strategy?

Get in touch with us, we can assist with the design, sending and assessment of each email and feed this through to our, or your, sales team!

Define Clear Goals

When conducting any marketing activity, make sure that it is measurable and you have defined clear goals. This will help you to assess whether it is effective or not.

What Our Clients Say

“Network Scientific work hard to understand our customers and our business which is extremely important when working in a technical industry. In addition they are flexible, dedicated and passionate about what they do which makes them a fantastic partner. Our first few leads have been high quality and high value and I have every confidence this will continue. If you are looking for lead generation in a technical field I would highly recommend them.”


“Network Scientific are a great team and provide a really useful lead generation service. All of the leads obtained were sound and remembered their interaction, demonstrating Network Scientific’s effective cold calling approach.”


“Network Scientific have been providing Sales & Marketing support to us for around 2 years. They are a great company to work with because they not only understand our technology but also understand our financial needs. They have helped us develop commercial opportunities arising from exhibitions and mail shots. They were very quick to understand our highly technical portfolio of products and services. As a result I have complete confidence that when our company is being represented by Network Scientific, our scientific credibility is enhanced and our integrity respected. I have no hesitation in recommending their services.”


“Network Scientific have supported us for a number of years with our Sales and Marketing. They work with us closely and understand our business and customer base. They are like an extension to our business rather than a separate company and they have the expertise to guide and advise us. I would highly recommend them to other businesses.”


“Network Scientific have recently completed some lead gen work for us – they are friendly and approachable and have a very professional approach to their work. They have generated some very promising leads for us and we will be using them again. Highly recommended.”


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