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A good understanding of your competitors is key when creating your business’s offering.

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A good understanding of the marketplace and an insight into the activities of your competitors are fundamentally important drivers of commercial success. Network Scientific can carry out the competitor assessments that you need to give your business the edge.

Science, like any other sector, is highly competitive with a variety of companies all chasing a finite number of opportunities. Anything that can give your business a competitive advantage is highly desirable..

Competitor analysis, whether carried out online or via ‘secret shopper’ will provide an understanding of the activities or other businesses which are selling into your target market. This will enable you to develop a competitive sales & marketing strategy, including defining a pricing structure.

Obviously, target markets and the activities of your competitors are never static – they constantly evolve over time. With that in mind it is good practice to make competitor assessments a regular undertaking rather than a one-time-only projects.

At Network Scientific we regularly carry out competitor analysis at the request of our clients and often receive feedback telling us how useful it is.

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Know Where You Stand

How can you compete against companies that offer similar services to yours if you don’t know what exactly it is that you are competing against? Always have a good idea of where you rank against your competitors.

What Our Clients Say

“I recently had the pleasure to work with Network Scientific. In fact, I think the consultant joined our campaign in their first week at Network Scientific Sales & Marketing. Their work is excellent! It’s clear that they understand the brief. Network Scientific always work to the schedule, delivering outstanding work. I especially liked that they are always excited about the next task, and I’m looking forward to working with Network Scientific Sales & Marketing team and their consultants on future campaigns. Well done.”


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