Twitter is a valuable tool for any business, from start-ups to large multi-national companies.  There are many reasons why your company should use Twitter, but when you start, you need to avoid making mistakes that could damage your professional image, these can include…

Leaving your Profile Picture Empty

If you still have an egg as your profile picture, it is time to step-it-up.  It is important to upload a picture before you start following others. When you follow people, they will probably check out your page and profile picture and may follow you back.  If you leave it blank it is highly unlikely, they will follow back, as people want to see you are a real person/company.  Your photo will play an important part in your online image – so make sure it is professional and represents your brand.

No Bio – Description

You have 160 words to describe yourself and this is your chance to tell others who you are and what you do, a well written bio can entice people to follow and engage with you. 

Grammatical Errors

Companies have no excuses for bad spelling or grammar. Make sure that you are utilising spell check and are double, even triple checking your updates to make sure they are perfect before clicking Tweet!

Too Few/Too Many Updates 

People look for engagement and updates on a regular basis so they can get to know you more, meaning inactivity is a reason why you will be unfollowed.  However, too many tweets can create noise rather than value, so make sure any updates you do, are interesting and relevant.     

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