This bespoke creative content marketing campaign was briefed as part of a wider partnership we have with Withnell Sensors, view their full campaign details here!


Curate a creative content marketing piece to pinpoint a superhero data logger​

As part of our wider marketing partnership with Withnell Sensors, we were briefed on the requirement for a creative and stand-out content campaign to market one of their best-selling products, a data logger.

Medical and pharmaceutical stability storage is a key service the business offers, with vaccines being a popular stored biosample.

Ahead of winter flu season, Withnell Sensors briefed us on a creative focus on vaccine waste management and monitoring. From this, we began researching and curating content ideas to tie in their branded data logger with a superhero angle.

Withnell Sensors Creative Content Marketing

Average ranking of page 1 on Google across 25 different keywords ​

Withnell Sensors Case Study for creative marketing

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A less than 2% unsubscribe rate on the first marketing email sent with the database​


Multichannel content marketing to increase website traffic​

After discussing their approach to the same topic in previous years, we formulated a multichannel delivery plan, with a creative blog piece being of high importance. The superhero gimmick was something the Network Scientific team honed in on, with all content remaining technical but highly creative.

From this, we promoted the blog piece across various channels in a bid to uncover which channel would captivate the right audience.

Deploying similar content across email, social media and on the website, the blog and its respective design assets were linked throughout many different marketing channels.


Guardian Sensei, the unsung superhero of vaccine waste management

Unlike some of our other pieces of content for Withnell Sensors, this blog aimed to capture and engage readers through a creative, superhero pun.

Remaining technical was still high on our agenda, as Withnell Sensors’ temperature and humidity expertise is their key selling point. From this, we curated an SEO-friendly blog piece, that told the story of Guardian Sensei.

Tasked with defeating temperature fluctuations, the arch nemesis of superhero vaccines, Sensei is the guardian of vaccine vials and their stability. As the superhero sidekick, Guardian Sensei tells a tale of the power of vaccinations and the epic battle between stability and temperature.

The content piece was filled with various links and opportunities to convert readers into product interest and enquiries.

The blog was transformed into an email campaign and social media activity, with the prospect of featuring a second edition of Guardian Sensei after receiving successful results, potentially in relation to biobanks.

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