Check out how our scientific marketing services have propelled Withnell Sensors’ marketing strategy to raise brand awareness.


A multi-faceted, international temperature and humidity product and service provider​

With over 10 years of industry experience, Withnell Sensors has established their name amongst the life sciences, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, aerospace, advanced engineering and food manufacturing sectors.

Delivering a number of products and service ranges in line with temperature and humidity management, from autoclave validation to temperature mapping and UKAS calibrations. The business is also partnered with some of the biggest, market-leading brand names in the biopharma industry.

Withnell Sensor’s customer service and expert guidance is pivotal in customer retention and nurturing, with many favouring their unbiased approach to finding solutions.

digital brand awareness for temperature and humidity specialists


Functioning as an outsourced marketing department, building a digital brand awareness strategy​

Withnell Sensors approached us after their internal Marketing Manager took a break to travel. They took this opportunity to source an agency that had a strong scientific and technical understanding to cater their omnichannel approach to each target sector.

Initially, we worked with Withnell Sensors to deliver a handover period, working alongside their Marketing Manager to understand their current business focus’, brand guidelines, tone of voice and outbound/inbound marketing methods.

After the handover, we began delving deeper into the channels they had overlooked and conducted a multichannel marketing audit to detail key opportunities and activities to maximise brand awareness results.

Our primary focus would be to implement a multichannel marketing strategy that served their key target audiences and delivered key messaging to improve interest in their products and services.

Check out this recent content marketing campaign from our partnership!

Average ranking of page 1 on Google across 25 different keywords ​

digital brand awareness for scientific business

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A less than 2% unsubscribe rate on the first marketing email sent with the database​


Ongoing delivery of scientific digital marketing activities including the execution of regular, topical and technical content pieces​

Our key focus in the most recent weeks of Withnell Sensors’ campaign has been to regularly curate various different pieces of content marketing aimed to address the various sector applications of temperature monitoring and humidity management.

We identified a number of different title ideas and website opportunities to develop new content which would act as an additional touchpoint during the purchase conversion and customer retention journey.

After formulating blog and website page ideas, conducting strategic SEO research and highlighting how the content would accommodate new and returning customers, we began curating various content types to capture and convert engagement into product interest.


731 unique page views across 5 new pieces of blog content, with an average of 2 views per unique user​

Since beginning to execute the regular blog content from May 2023 onwards, the blog content has cumulatively gained over 700 page views. Our most successful piece of website content has received over 1163 unique impressions in Google since being uploaded in June.

Converting the content into segmented email campaigns has also resulted in an average open rate of +28% and an average click-through rate of +24%.

Since starting the campaign, organic search traffic has become the strongest source of website traffic, with email marketing also becoming the most engaged source of website traffic.