The Client​

The client is a specialist small molecule CRO based in the UK, comprised of PhD scientists and high calibre scientific advisors, their company offers a variety of services to technology companies within the pharmaceutical, biotech, and drug discovery sectors.

They have strong ties to a world-leading academic institution and have been successful in a variety of successful collaboration projects and developing innovative processes.

The Requirement​

The client engaged with Network Scientific to utilise our Telemarketing and Lead Generation service. The campaign was focused on driving interest for client’s services across small scale biotechnology companies, ranging from university start-ups to mid-size pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The prospects covered a wide variety of research interests and at varying stages of product development, which required an active shift in approach when driving interest in the client and their services.

Key campaign requirements:

Prospect Database Creation – Focusing on the UK Biotechnology market and targeting prospects that had not previously been in contact with the client.

Telemarketing – To generate qualified Sales Leads and prospect requirements.

Telephone Appointment Setting – Working with prospects to develop a timeframe for follow up with the client, revolving around their requirements and future projects.

Frequent Reporting – Allowing for regular and informed updates to the client. Through consistent communication we were able to adapt and maximise the effectiveness of the campaign throughout.

Alternate Contact Methods – During the campaign we found that certain prospects were difficult to get hold of both through telephone and email contact. We agreed with the client that contact through LinkedIn would be an effective solution and were able to reach out to multiple decision makers through the platform.

The Delivery​

We worked with the client to compile an extensive prospect list of appropriate companies and contact details of relevant decision makers. Initially these contacts came from the client’s own prospect list, but we updated and added relevant information where required. These individuals were then contacted by phone on behalf of the client to make the initial company introduction. For those contacts where we were unable to make contact via phone, we sent an email from the client’s domain as if we were employees of the business, to introduce the services.

If we were unable to reach them through either phone or email, we then attempted to contact them through LinkedIn, in order to maximise the likelihood of initial contact and developing interest in the client’s services.

The Feedback​

The campaign was successful, despite the initially difficulty found in reaching key decision makers within the targeted market. The client was happy with our knowledge surrounding the market and their services, and through communication we were able to overcome the initial hurdles. Multiple leads were generated, and a large amount of market intelligence was gathered and relayed back to the client through consistent and detailed reporting.