Generating leads and end-to-end digital marketing that continues to build the presence of a recombinant protein manufacturer focused on accelerating R&D in the life sciences through life science RUO protein supply.

The Client​

Owner of unique patented technology and an alternative protein expression host that enables access to difficult-to-source proteins for R&D. ​

Their expression host provides an alternative expression system for the supply of recombinant research proteins, offering various advantages to other systems in the life sciences market.

After developing their business model over the last 10 years, this company has now entered into an e-commerce business strategy; giving researchers access to purchase the necessary reagents for their R&D focuses.

They’re at the forefront of innovation in the life sciences R&D sector. Working closely with researchers around the world to fulfil protein requirements and broaden their own product catalogue according to research demands.

We had worked closely with this company since they came to market with their first products and were eager to assist in generating leads to grow their business. Their technology and business objectives continue to resonate with those of our own, as we aim to assist businesses of this kind to market their innovative solutions to researchers in the life sciences.

scientific content marketing for biotechnology company


Marketing activity that would build brand awareness and provide insight into how users interact with their website​

After learning first-hand the ambition of this company and the limitations of their digital activity with a previous agency, we were keen to offer our own services in a bid to bring their outsourced sales and marketing services under one umbrella.

We had already worked closely with this biotechnology business to execute telesales campaigns, so we had pre-existing knowledge of their target market and their current product portfolio. Our marketing team spent time with the sales team to become familiar with their business approach and presented a new, alternative digital strategy.

Consolidating the knowledge of our in-house Microbiologist and Pharmaceutical Biotechnologist with that of our marketing department, we identified key marketing channels that could provide market intel for sales and build the digital reach of this business.

The Chief Executive also expressed their desire to have a greater understanding of their website; how it was functioning and how it was being used. This led to the website being identified as a key asset for awareness and retention; whilst social media activity and email marketing were recognised as fundamental channels for market research

We devised ongoing deliverables that focused on the evolution and management of their website with new content. Our primary focus would be to regularly update their website and optimise it for usability, increasing organic traffic and showcasing their products and services simply.

2,000 total new website users generated across 5 months with 10% sourced from new pieces of content marketed across varying channels.

contact database creation and prospecting


A less than 2% unsubscribe rate on the first marketing email sent with the database​


Ongoing website management and regular, technical content marketing​

We work closely with the Chief Executive and wider research and sales teams to schedule product launches, key sales focuses and sector requirements; building digital activity with meeting the needs of the R&D sector at the core.

Our key focus in the most recent months has been to improve their website usability and content.

Providing content that is tailored to business values and culture and using this as another USP for sales. We designed, curated and built a brand new landing page, which showcased their newest service – custom projects.

Monthly blogs, case studies and digital PDF’s of varying technical writing were also provided, tied into the launch of several new products and one new custom service; embedding business strategy-aligned campaigns.

UTM parameters were employed across a variety external website links so that we could track the various click throughs to the website and provide insight into which sources/mediums improved website traffic.


Tracked three new sources of web traffic, where new users had an average of 3-page sessions and an average duration of 3 mins per session​

We identified three new sources of traffic, where new content had been marketed, tracking click throughs and website journeys. The tracking codes enabled us to prioritise key pieces of content marketing that attracted high levels of users engagements, formulating an ongoing content marketing strategy.

Since its launch in November 2022, the new custom services landing page has continuously been in the top 5 most viewed pages of the website, with an average 35% exit rate.

The business has a more rounded understanding of their website and how it is used during the sales cycle, with upcoming focuses including improve rankings in search engines now that the pages can be indexed. Background focuses will be to continue building the business’ social media presence whilst providing prospect intel for marketing emails to encourage lead generation.