Here at Network Scientific, we know how important mental health and wellbeing is and we are taking extra steps to provide full support to all our staff. Two of our team members, Alison and Jasmin have completed the MHFA England mental health first aid training to provide them with the knowledge and skills to help identify mental ill-health in its infancy and act before it becomes a crisis. This training will also give them the first-aid skills required to help someone who is in a crisis.

Of all the terrible things that arose from the pandemic, the rise in value that everyone bases on mental health and wellbeing is one of the positive things to come from that. We promote a healthy lifestyle, and a positive culture and do everything we can to prevent any mental health problems in our staff. Thanks to this training, Alison and Jasmin will be able to spot the signs of someone struggling and give all our staff that extra safety net should they ever require it.

We have partnered with Steve Phillip at the Jordan Legacy, who is helping us to utilise the new skills in the workplace. The Jordan Legacy’s aim is to provide proactive solutions to help prevent people from reaching rock bottom, or to help rescue those who have before they turn their life-ending thoughts into actions. They help those who feel that life is not worth living to find their hope again.

The Jordan Legacy is our chosen charity for 2022 and we have plenty of fundraising activities planned to support them in their inspiring and life-saving mission. We’ll keep updating our website with posts detailing these further throughout the year.

For more information relating to the Jordan Legacy, and how you also may be able to help, please visit their website.

mental health in the workplace

April 2022

We recently held some Mental Health workshops in our office to come together and determine some ways we can continue to keep an open and honest mentality at work. Find out more about our work culture and our future Mental Health in the workplace awareness plans over on our Instagram!