Dale Carnegie, famed author of ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ coined a quote that has stood the test of time.

“Talk to someone about themselves, and they’ll listen for hours.”

It does not matter what goods or services you sell, by opening a dialogue with your valuable potential clients and discussing their needs and aspirations, you put yourself into a much stronger position to guide them towards what you provide as the solution.

But the crucial question is: How exactly do you begin that discussion?

Understanding your clients

Every business is different, as is every potential client that you come across. Therefore, the key to opening this conversation is understanding your clients. By appreciating what they do, you can present your product or service for what it is, a solution or an asset specifically aimed at that individual client.

In the perfect world, you would know every answer to every question asked of you (Tony Stark-esque). But in lieu of being omniscient, having excellent knowledge of your client allows for an effective conversation, where you are the answer to their problems. This is far more likely to lead to actual sales, when compared to employing outdated and generic high-pressure techniques. It is also far more likely to give rise to good long-term relationships and repeat business.

High-quality content

You know you have an excellent product or service; you strive to improve it and make it as appealing as possible, increasing your company’s recognition and likelihood of making sales. But there are scientific techniques and blends of strategies that make the most out of every single conversation and call.

The first, is how you present yourself. An effective marketing strategy sets the scene, long before the curtain-call of a telephone conversation and beyond. A strong company image and long-reaching market awareness will likely lead to clients either knowing of, or directly coming to, you for business.

Employing this sort of approach allows not only further development of a target market, but expansion into areas you may not have immediately envisioned your business being able to achieve within.

It starts from a prospect

It doesn’t matter which target market you select, it could be the pharmaceutical sector, academia, children’s toys or environmental sciences; by being able to identify and source prospects, you can begin to tailor your pitch and recognise how to specifically target that sector. A sharp and well-constructed blade will always cut deeper than one that is dull and broad-edged, not unlike a sales pitch.

It is important to invest time in building connections within your target sector, specifically within the client base you hope to do business with. Everyone likes to be called by name and to converse with someone they are comfortable talking to. It is little details like these that give you the edge in driving home the sale.

Leads work in tandem with digital marketing

It is always a sensible measure to invest in digital/online marketing – as it is the best way to promote your company on as large a scale as feasibly possible. But occasionally a more targeted approach can be employed to hit that ultimate goal; to finalise a sale.

So, by employing a multi-channel marketing strategy, you are getting the best of both worlds! Great overall digital outreach followed up by human-interaction at the right moment, ultimately converting the interest developed into a successful business transaction.

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