Check out how our contact database creation services helped this client to improve their sales & marketing in-house, with a list of relevant prospects.

The Client​

Responsible for the design, manufacture, and supply of a range of high-end laboratory instrumentation and servicing​

Their equipment is fit for both microwave and non-microwave requirements.

Primarily used for pre-analysis digestion, solvent extraction, moisture/solid analysis and synthesis of peptides and other small molecules.


Contact database creation​

As a part of their sales efforts, we were asked to create a contact database of pharmaceutical prospects that were located in the UK and Northern Ireland. Cleansing their current database and sourcing additional contacts.

We worked hard to establish exactly what information our client needed sourcing to ensure their internal sales team had all the details they required to execute the lead generation.

Our client asked for a list of contact names, job titles, website links, direct email addresses, telephone numbers, contact addresses and any key sales information they could use to offer a more personalised sales call.

500 new pharmaceutical prospects ready to target across the UK and Northern Ireland​

contact database creation and prospecting


A less than 2% unsubscribe rate on the first marketing email sent with the database​


A total of 84 hours, 12 weeks, were spent on prospecting the vital contact database information

We worked closely with the General Manager and Sales and Marketing Manager to establish the best approach to take when prospecting the data.

We began sourcing a large amount of information to build a database of pharmaceutical industry-relevant contacts. Quickly finding the client’s request for direct email addresses was going to require strong attention.

After spending more time delving into our tools and software, we began to see a lot of success with sourcing this kind of data. We continued to check in with our client to ensure they were aware of our progress and the information being sourced.  


An up-to-date, bespoke prospecting list that could be used for lead generation and telesales​

Our client was highly impressed with the number of new prospects they received, and the work done to segment the contact databases into relevant territories for the appropriate sales teams to target.

The client’s internal sales and marketing teams then used the data for their lead generation and marketing campaigns.