From pipette-tips, to 96 well plates to scientific glassware, laboratory consumables represents a huge market, both in terms of the number of customers and the number of suppliers. As in any industry such as this, competition is fierce so you need an outsources sales and marketing partner that can ensure you stay ahead of your competitors.

Consumables are essential to the operation of modern laboratories. With concerns around sterility and contamination there is a constant drive towards single-use items meaning that that even a small contract research organisation, for example, can go through several thousand pipette tips in a single day.

Whilst individual consumables will never be ‘big-ticket’ items like capital lab equipment, the sector as a whole is worth millions of pounds annually, simply because the re-sell rate of consumables is so high.

A plethora of laboratory consumables companies service this market, from SME’s to multinational behemoths. In a marketplace this challenging, standing out from the competition is essential but very difficult to achieve.

The average molecular biologist will know the manufacturers of all the capital equipment in their lab but may be clueless about who supplies their micro-centrifuge tubes and pipette tips. Network Scientific has helped a range of reputable national and international suppliers and distributors of lab consumables to market and sell their consumables effectively.

Whether you are a start-up or a huge multinational we can help you to penetrate your sectors of choice, using a combination of design, marketing and proactive selling to differentiate your company and secure new customers.

Whether you are looking to increase sales to existing markets, access new revenue streams to accelerate growth, or introduce a new product to market, we have the industry expertise and network of contacts to help you to achieve your objectives.