Check out how a variety of our scientific sales services and digital marketing services helped this client improve their outbound brand awareness efforts.


A leading independent analytical testing provider for pharmaceutical manufacturers.​

This business offers a complete suite of analytical tests to facilitate regulatory approval in the pharmaceutical market.

Their services range from regulatory testing conducted to pharmacopeial methods, through to wider, more bespoke projects; ranging from stability studies to pharmaceutical test method development and validation.

Although located in the UK, their capabilities are delivered globally, with many of their existing customers being located worldwide.

analytical testing provider helping GMP batch release


Build awareness of the business and their unique USPs in order to maximise lead conversion and prospect engagement.​

We originally began working with this business to generate leads, however this led to the arrangement of a face-to-face strategy meeting where we could collaborate on a sales and marketing execution plan to increase sales conversions.

After conducting a lead generation campaign for eight weeks and generating only one lead, our delivery team were quick to contact the client to highlight the need to re-strategise.

The market intel the sales team gathered from the telesales activity proved vital in identifying our next steps for the campaign, which resulted in the need to increase brand awareness.

This led to our new campaign brief, which was to use a combined sales and marketing approach to broaden the reach of the analytical testing lab digitally, improving brand recognisability, which would have a knock-on effect on the lead generation activity.

Average ranking of page 1 on Google across 25 different keywords ​

digital brand awareness for scientific business


A less than 2% unsubscribe rate on the first marketing email sent with the database​


Ongoing sales and marketing activity which continues to build reach and convert opportunities​

After our in-person strategy meeting we were able to uncover a variety of opportunities to expand our delivery in additional areas. This included a customer maximisation campaign and prospecting new target markets.

This sales activity was paired with a consistent social media strategy and monthly content marketing. Blog topics were identified based on trends in the sector as well as areas of valuable expertise of the businesses, this allowed us to explore a number of SEO opportunities and communicate the in-house knowledge of the team.

We paired this campaign with an additional 12-week project to deliver a complete rewrite and optimisation of a number of website pages. Since this is at the core of their omnichannel marketing strategy, it was vital that it was acting as a positive conversion tool as well as supportive resource for information.


1.5 leads generated every 14 hours with social media impressions increasing by 51% in the highest month.​

We continue to work with this analytical testing provider on an ongoing basis, continuously assessing their strategy and working towards the brand awareness goals we established together.

As well as generating a number of worldwide sales opportunities, we have also accounted for additional target geographical areas and broadened our omnichannel marketing to include email marketing and SEO.