Using content marketing to build a brand story and highlight a thought-leading life sciences business at the forefront of laboratory design and fit-out.

The Client​

Designer of innovative, automated life sciences laboratories ​

This industry leading laboratory designer is delivering the next generation of laboratory workspaces, addressing contemporary standards of workplace wellbeing and sustainable design.

Providing innovative and people-led designs to the modern-day life sciences lab, this business works with start-ups to large pharmaceutical organisations, designing purpose built lab spaces and re-fitting existing buildings to enable automation, sustainability and flexibility.

We are pleased to work with this business; their passion is to build the labs of the future and make the life sciences workplace and human-centric environment. This particularly resonated with us as we aim to facilitate those scientific businesses who share our values; workplace wellbeing and innovation.

scientific content marketing for biotechnology company


Content marketing delivered each month to heighten a thought-provoking, industry leading, authoritative business. ​

This company was already well established in the market, building large scale lab-workspace environments across the country. What they felt they needed more of, was the investigative content that showed them to have trending, topical know-how. Making the ‘impossible lab’ achievable.

We had already worked closely to devise a content plan, with titles and themes that would resonate with their various target audiences; lab owners/managers, financial directors, researchers/technicians and designers.

A great deal of emphasis was placed on their tone of voice and brand guidelines, and the standard they wanted to maintain as the thought leaders in the industry.

contact database creation and prospecting


A less than 2% unsubscribe rate on the first marketing email sent with the database​


Ongoing content marketing, delivering a range of pieces that vary of technicality and scientific knowledge​

Our key focus in the most recent months has been to provide content that addresses the key themes in laboratory design, including automation, innovation and flexibility. Each piece is detailed, formal and technical. The client’s tone of voice was embedded to ensure their mission to be the thought leaders and experts in the field.

We provided a range of content, discussing topics such as laboratory certifications for top level decision makers, as well as hosting interviews with our network to provide insightful Q&A’s with lab managers who have recently been through the redesign process.  


Curating content ‘insights’ that appear have appeared on page one of the SERPs ​

We continue to identify and brainstorm a variety of content ideas, meeting regularly with the life sciences laboratory design business to ensure we meet their business needs as well as their target audiences’ expectations.

Each piece of content continues to drive traffic to their website, with many ranking on page one in Google for their focus key phrase.

We’ve established a great working relationship with this business and continue to curate their scientifically stimulating content to inspire lab managers and decision makers to start their design or fit-out journey.