Given the capital outlay required to equip and staff an analytical testing laboratory, plus the added cost of ensuring compliance, in-house testing simply isn’t a financially viable option for many manufacturers and consultancies.

This has naturally led to the exponential growth of the contract testing/research organisation (CRO) market. From pharmaceutical companies, to consumer products developers to chemical consultancies, and many others; all of which rely on outsourced testing partners to ensure their products are developed and manufactures in accordance with relevant industry regulations.

Whether your laboratory specialises in supporting product research and development or quality control, we have the sales and marketing experience to ensure you thrive and get ahead in this incredibly competitive industry.  

At Network Scientific, some of our longest standing clients are CROs. They know that they can trust us to represent their businesses credibly and effectively within their chosen markets.

By delivering market knowledge, raising brand awareness, generating leads and securing sales meetings we are dedicated to ensuring our clients grow their market share and bottom line.