Find out how we designed and implemented a marketing strategy for a continuous flow manufacturer across multiple digital channels.

The Client​

Manufacturer of commercial scale continuous flow reactors for the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries. ​

Their active mixing technology provides an alternative method for batch processing in chemical manufacturing.  

Assisting with a wide range of bench-top R&D applications through to multi-tonne production plants, AM Technology are at the forefront of modernisation in the chemical manufacturing sector; helping embed continuous flow into production processes as well as assist with end-to-end transitions into practising safer more efficient chemistry. 

We were eager to assist AM Technology as flow chemistry and their wider business ethos aligned with our own mission to facilitate innovation and inspire growth and development within the wider science community.  

continuous flow reactor business and search engine optimisation services


Streamline digital marketing activities to drive website traffic and build brand awareness ​

AM Technology approached us requesting assistance with their ongoing marketing activities as they couldn’t facilitate an internal marketing team and wanted an agency that understood the scientific sector and their own business model.

Initially, we worked closely with AM Technology to identify and assess the key marketing channels they were already using. Their website and social channels were identified as key awareness and conversion touch points in their marketing funnel and existing customer purchase-journey.

Building on this, we developed an ongoing strategy of deliverables that incorporated these key channels with new opportunities to capture and retain interest. Our primary focus would be to implement changes to improve the SEO of AM Technology’s website to increase organic traffic.

Average ranking of page 1 on Google across 25 different keywords ​

What is SEO


A less than 2% unsubscribe rate on the first marketing email sent with the database​


Ongoing management of core scientific digital marketing including the development of an in-depth SEO strategy. ​

Our key focus for the most recent months of AM Technology’s activity has been to improve their SEO rankings for target search terms in a bid to drive organic traffic.  

We identified general search terms that were applicable to AM Technology’s product offering which they weren’t currently ranking highly for, as well as competitor keywords and industry relevant search terms. 

After devising a relevant keyword list, we assessed the search engine’s search term metrics to identify those keywords that were driving the highest search volume.  We then executed a number of SEO techniques to build AM Technology’s presence in Google and other search engines, utilising both their website, content and wider marketing assets. 


Across 25 identified keywords, AM Technology’s website currently ranks on page 1 of the SERPs on average ​

For specific targeted key search terms, the website now ranks on average on page 1 after ranking an average of page 4 when first onboarded, with the site not ranking for some keywords at all initially.  

We targeted both keywords that would encourage users to refer to AM Technology as a learning resource as well as further key search phrases in a bid to improve the CTR of those users with deeper purchasing intent.  

As well as the SEO outputs, we have also helped AM Technology achieve an average 18% open rate on monthly newsletters, an average 4% or more engagement rate per post on LinkedIn and a +444% increase of organic traffic to the AM Technology website since working with us.