I mean, you are currently reading my blog post! In the hustle and bustle of a modern world, especially when talking about Scientific Sales and Marketing, it is critical you grab potential client’s attention and begin a dialogue. 

But there are plenty of benefits to upgrading your website and marketing in general, here are a few reasons why blogging can be the secret weapon in your marketing armoury that you are potentially sleeping on! 

A busy blog drives traffic  

As a scientific marketing and sales consultant, it is my job to make sure that a client and their product/service get noticed, therefore driving sales onwards and upwards. By increasing the number of keywords on a website, you improve SEO (search engine optimisation), and move higher and higher on a search engine ranking. 

Ask yourself honestly, when was the last time you clicked past the first few pages of Google hits? Rome was not built in a day, so it is crucial to steadily and consistently build your online presence to make sure you are always on the radar for relevant prospective clients.  

Finding your relevant audience  

As a scientific or technology company, you likely deal with specialist instrumentation or services, which means there is a specific audience you are attempting to promote to. By presenting topics or answers that your clients are searching for, you are attracting them to your website and increasing the likelihood of further interactions.  

A fish is unlikely to bite an empty hook, but if you attach something of interest you are far more likely to reel in clients. In the case of scientific marketing, blogging about a relevant article or news within the industry can act as the lure. 

There is nothing wrong with showing off! 

You know you contain expertise within your target industry, so why not show your audience that too? A potential client wants to work with keen, passionate, and well-versed businesses, who are ready and willing to help. By showing your colours frequently and blogging relevant changes to your products/services, you are keeping clients in the loop and making sure you are at the forefront of their mind when it comes to their next purchase. 

Take charge and become an authority 

By consistently answering client questions and piquing their interest with your blog posts, you encourage further engagement and present yourself as a leading authority within your industry (whether that’s scientific, technology, sales, marketing, it doesn’t matter!). 

A great business blog (both for small and large companies alike) will drive traffic through to your website using inbound links and encourage engagement with your clients. Do you like being asked questions and getting involved? A simple question is all it takes to get the ball rolling and develop the conversation.  

“It’s elementary, my dear Watson” 

Although never quoted in a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s titular novels, the line rings true in this case. It makes complete sense to use a cost-effective marketing channel to promote your brand, in this case Blogging. Not only do you get one up on competitors who do not take advantage of SEO improvements, but you also work towards developing future client relationships.  

Ultimately the combination of advantages not only puts your company on the radar, bit it can accelerate growth and improve the chances of developing leads into sales. And to (mis)quote Mr Holmes a final time, the “scientific marketing game is afoot!” 

If you are looking to ‘crack the case’ when it comes to online marketing, contact Network Scientific by telephone on 01423 813520 or online, to see how we can be your bespoke solution.