Outsourced marketing is an easy way for businesses to get ahead of the curve, stay on top of their marketing efforts and reduce the stress throughout their business journey.

We have worked with a range of clients over the past ten years, from SME’s to global market leaders, and we always see the same struggles when businesses choose to utilise our services.

From exhausted contact databases to the classic content blocks. We understand that marketing is an avenue that not all scientific companies will know much about, except that they should be utilising it!

For many companies these days, the smart and popular solution is to outsource their marketing to an experienced science marketing agency – primarily because of the benefits that they reap.

But what exactly are the benefits of outsourced marketing? 

Fresh insight and industry knowledge

Science marketing agencies with bespoke services usually partner their account managers with specialised marketing consultants who can guide, advise and offer expertise.  

And majority of the time, a keen and alternative view can completely change your marketing approach, bring about more successful results, or highlight new campaign focuses.

Cost-effective and easily budgeted

It’s a given that when it comes to outsourcing, the cost is usually a lot lower than that of hiring an internal marketing team.

With the science and technical industry being predominantly B2B marketing, there isn’t as strong a requirement for fast-paced, reactive consumer marketing strategies. This is why outsourcing is a popular choice for an ongoing increase in brand visibility and a steady, regular amount of leads and engagement at a cost-friendly price.

With the option to choose how much dedicated time you require, it really is a case of being as expensive as you decide to make it.

A solution to internal struggles, including staff absence

If your company has already taken steps into the marketing realm through in-house recruitment, remember, this doesn’t shut the door on outsourcing’s suitability for your business.

By taking advantage of extra marketing consultants, you can reduce the amount of internal stress. Think about holidays, staff sickness, workload, and promotional restrictions. Outsourcing some or all your marketing allows your current staff to focus on what they do best.

Digital marketing is also so robust that even delegating the management of one or two channels can allow your team to be more productive and efficient.  

Dedicated advisory consultants

When you work with a science marketing agency, you are employing their many years of scientific experience and expertise in marketing. This is usually too expensive to exercise in-house, but it also means that you will always have one, two or more individuals dedicated to your business.

Your wins are our wins after all!

outsourced marketing services can include google analytics and website management

Strategic marketing made simple

The fundamentals of marketing and it’s ongoing digital developments can be difficult to grasp for those not fully emersed in the sector. With outsourced marketing, knowledge and recommendations can be made simple.

Your worries don’t have to lie with recognising the best approaches and opportunities, but rather you’re entrusting someone with marketing expertise to find solutions for you.

Multi-channel marketing made easy

Even though it may seem that there are near boundless channels to increase reach and visibility, it is unfeasible to expect your marketing team to always have the capacity to exploit every opportunity.

Through outsourcing some of your digital marketing, you can always be ahead of the curve! Not only that, but the experience a scientific marketing agency can bring to the table could allow expansion into entirely new or foreign markets.  

Achieving results 

Working with a science marketing agency, that are experts at what they do, guarantees a journey to achieving results, regardless of your marketing goals. If brand awareness and visibility is what you’re after, we can take the steps to increase your presence across suitable digital channels.

If conversions and sales leads is your wider goal for marketing, we can make recommendations on exactly which channels will give you the best return.  The advantage of industry expertise is that it will pay off.

A wider understanding of your business

Sourcing your requirements through a science marketing agency also provides you with a much better understanding of your business, it’s resources and it’s functionality.

If outsourcing the workload entirely to an agency is working, then you can continue to build on other business areas and assess business budgets. If sharing the workload is working for both your internal team and for your business goals, you can look to invest in internal staff and offer more responsibility in key areas.

Project flexibility

Outsourcing doesn’t need to be an all-or-nothing situation, these days science marketing agencies (including us!) are very flexible with how they work with your business.

Although projects and campaigns tend to be ongoing, what you can get for your dedicated marketing time is usually entirely up to you. 

Many of our clients also take advantage of using our sales services for times in their marketing strategy where there is no main focus or goal, this helps with ongoing marketing by sourcing new contact databases, conducting research and even generating telesales leads.

Long term solution

For many businesses who work with a science marketing agency, once they’ve started, they don’t look back.

In general, outsourcing is a much easier and more cost-effective solution, that can be maintained for a long period of time. Agencies are always passionate about building long-lasting relationships and understanding your business requirements in the long run.

This is why it is often more manageable for a lot of companies to continue working with their outsourced team as if they were internal.


It’s fairly obvious by now that if you’ve made it to the end of this read, you’re pretty interested in outsourcing your marketing. In which case, you might as well have your first discussion with us, where we can run through exactly what it is you need and how we might be able to help!


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