Since August 1991, the world wide web has been publicly available, connecting us in a way never thought possible before! From being able to message someone across the world in an instant, to purchasing items and having them delivered in a single click (even if you regret the purchase almost immediately!). The internet has undoubtedly been a force, that has shaken how humanity functions to the very core.  

Scientific Sales and Marketing has also seen major evolution since the dawn of the digital era. Let us go over 5 major shifts that have occurred over the last three decades… 


An absolute key component of any modern business trying to survive and thrive in 2020. Over 80% of all shoppers use the internet to research before making a purchase, and that number is only increasing!  

A well designed and easily accessible website is an extension of your business, drawing potential customers in and selling not only your products, but your business as a whole. Consumer trust, especially in the scientific sector, is of absolute paramount to close sales. Investing in a professional and responsive site will give your customers the information they need to make an informed purchase. If they cannot get that information, they will go elsewhere.  

Social Media 

Following on from the previous point, possibly the most (in)famous websites that we use daily fall under the banner of social media. From Facebook, to LinkedIn or Twitter, there are billions of individuals active across them all.  

No matter your thoughts on social media, it is an absolutely fantastic marketing medium to attract new customers, as well as interacting with your target audience and driving product interest. A well communicated brand message will bring users to your website, therefore getting even more legwork out of your investment. From sharing your business’ ethics to answering queries and solving customer issues, social media is an extremely cost effective and efficient marketing tool. 


Gone are the days of trawling the high street to find what you want; you can purchase almost anything from the comfort of your own home! With scientific instrumentation, there is always the need for demonstrations, but for smaller purchases or repeat business, e-commerce is still a major avenue of sales.  

The internet has caused a shift from physical presence to some business’s based solely online. Not only does that remove the risk of renting out physical sales space, but it also allows a broadened audience reach with no (or limited) geographical limitations!  

Online reviews 

Consumers trust the reviews of their peers. 61% of the population read or watch reviews, both by professionals and other consumers, when determining purchases. What used to be words passed between friends and family are now publicly available, for your entire audience to see.  

These thoughts and opinions are used to inform individual consumers on whether to invest in your product, so it is critical that your customer service and product quality is top notch! Incentivising customers to leave reviews when you are confident your service is stellar can be a very effective form of free advertising. 


Although relatively recent compared to the some of the other topics on this list, analytics have been employed extremely effectively by some marketing companies in recent years. Data does not lie (when used correctly) and everything from the number of visitors (traffic) to your website, click rate, engagement rate on posts and conversions can be tracked and analysed through tools employed by digital marketers.  

It is scientific, and every optimisation matters when it comes to driving sales and interest through your online presence. Taking advantage of your analytics can be the key to progressing and improving your marketing.  

It is hard to predict what will be the next major transformation in online marketing, due to its fast-paced nature and tendency to constantly adapt. But what is clear, is that the internet has provided access to an extremely bountiful global market and should be employed to maximise your companies’ sales and growth. 

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