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Account Management

Account Management is an essential business function required to build and maintain long-term relationships with your customers. This is especially important for key accounts, i.e. those accounts responsible for regular income into your business and therefore highly desired by your competitors. 

In order to maintain and enhance client relationships it is good business practice to provide, where possible, regular informative contact regarding company updates, legislative changes and any other relevant industry news. We take pride in servicing accounts like these and always treat these accounts as if they were our own. We have a great track record of success in maintaining accounts in this way and maximising profit by cross-selling additional products and services where possible.

Another important aspect of account management is to provide a means for your customer to critique your business performance. We can design and implement customer satisfaction surveys to measure perception of your business. This would include assessing customer service, lead and response times, on-going support and the likelihood of them recommending your company to industry peers. Customer satisfaction surveys are also a great way to monitor procedural and staff changes in your business.

For more information about our outsourced account management services or assistance with introducting and implementing this within your company please get in touch