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The Power of a Marketing Experiment

Wednesday, 11th November 2015

Some of the best marketing campaigns are designed and built on experimentation. You need to measure how effective your campaigns are in order to optimise future campaigns and maximise the amount of revenue generated. 

The benefits of marketing experiments can be direct and tangible. Marketing professionals can stand out, push the brand forward and really prove how they contribute to the bottom line.

The following steps will help you run your next marketing experiment:

  • Do your research (prioritise and think of quick wins, easy fixes and get inspiration from others)
  • Ask a question (e.g. will renewal offer emails work better than calls)
  • Construct a hypothesis (e.g. “If we send renewal offer emails then our retention rate will increase by 20%)”
  • Test your hypothesis by doing an “experiment” – make sure it is a fair test so you only change one variable (e.g. email rather than call)
  • Analyse your data and draw a conclusion – make sure you measure everything that matters (e.g. referrals, acquisition, activation, revenue or conversion rate)
  • Communicate your results, optimise and experiment again!

So, why not think like a scientist and run an experiment! For assistance with your experiments contact our Sales and Marketing Manager, Lucy Milne on or call 01423 813520.

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